Headings and Subheadings Activity

For one of my technical communication classes, the students are composing a grant proposal responding to the following RFP: Undergraduate Spring Research Grant Requirements

To get the students thinking about headings, subheadings, and the hierarchy of information they create, I accumulated actual headings outlined by the RFP and then made up some potential subheadings to correspond and put them into one document: Heading Exercise. I then printed this document, cut each entry out individually, mixed them up, put them all in an envelope, and then had students rearrange the headings and subheadings in a way that made sense to them. We then had a class discussion in which students were asked to justify their choices.

Of course, students were not wedded to these subheadings while writing their own grant, but the activity did serve as a springboard for thinking about hierarchical relationships between different sections and types of information.

Heading Activity

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