Risk Finder Study

This study analyzes local public use of Climate Central’s Risk Zone Map. The research is conducted at Old Dominion University with the assistance of both graduate and undergraduate students. The study is divided up into two phases.

Phase One

Twelve participants from the Hampton Roads region were observed using contextual inquiry and screencasting. The following UX protocol was used to direct participants through the study. Participants were recruited through systematic sampling via flyers sent to residential addresses.

Phase Two

Using the identified patterns of use from phase one, phase two asks users to complete specific tasks through UserTetsing.com using the Risk Zone Map. The following usability/UX script was used to investigate how the tool does or does not facilitate effective decision-making and accurate risk assessment.

The coding and analyzing of the 19 hours of user generated videos through UserTesting.com is currently underway. Publications coming from this research can be accessed here: